Johor Bahru: Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

Opened on December 2015, Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park is one of the newest themeparks in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. This 3-in-1 park caters to anyone of all ages, i would definitely recommend this place for family day or friends outing!

Getting There

The most convenient way to get there is by car. On a clear traffic road, you can easily get to Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park within 25-minutes drive from City Square Mall. You can find directions from here

Our initial plan was to take a public bus (Bus BET6/ BeXTRA6) from JB Sentral Bus Terminal. The chart on bus terminal stated that the bus interval is every 30-minutes and the journey will take about 1-hour+. We waited patiently for 40-minutes and decided to ask the bus conductor for the bus timing. He told us the bus won’t be here for another 1-hour or more! In the end we called for Grab which cost us RM15 (USD4). 

Berth 2 to take Bus BET6

1. Adventure Park

At the entrance, you will be greeted by the 2-tier of obstacles courses (5-meters & 9-meters) before seeing the ticketing counter.

This high elements course has 7 course routes with 51 different obstacles. There are 2 areas where the adventure rope course lies: one outside the entrance of the park (sheltered) and the other facing the water park (outdoor). You will begin with a mock obstacle course being taught how to use the equipment (Karabina & Safe Roller) and maneuver along the safety lines. They even had a mini zip line where we were taught to zip down safely.

Sheltered: Loop 1 to Discover, proceed to Loop 2 & 3 to Explore and Navigate. Loop 4 for the Challenger.

Overview of Adventure Park (Sheltered)

Cargo Net

Half-Criss Crossing

Super Zipline

Outdoor: Hop on to Tarzan Swinger at Loop 5 & 6. Do a Big Zipper at Loop 7 to complete your course!

Tarzan Swing

Jamor Crossing

There were only 2 of us monkeying around and took us 2.5-hours to complete all 7 courses. 

Entrance Fee: RM80 (USD20)

Operation Hours: 1000hrs – 1800hrs

 2. Water Park

At one glance, the water park isn’t as huge as most slides are concentrated on two main towers of different levels. These slides will end at the splash pool leading to lazy river, thus the floats used for slides can also be used in lazy river. Overall, it’s still a fun park to spend soak up your day!

Water Park Map (Source:

Overview of the water park from high elements

Splash World: For tots

Lazy River

Rainbow Hood: All these twirly slides passed through rainbows! (Source:

Racer Bowl: I got stuck here going round & round (Source:

Supersurf: The only stand alone slide which uses sliding mats instead of floats

Yellow Wall: The most thrilling and our favorite! (Source:

Wavepool: Waves only come in once every hour

As it was a quiet Monday, we spent less than 2-hours playing some slides twice, lazing around the river and waiting for the waves. 

Entrance Fee: RM80 (USD20)

Operation Hours: 1000hrs – 1900hrs

We were very lucky to find out the online promotion the night before visiting the park: RM90 (USD23) for combo tickets with both adventure and water park!!! (Usual price for this combo is RM150)

3. Sports & Leisure Park

One day is not enough to do everything in this place! Sports & Leisure Park consists of 3 activities: Ice Skating, “Go-Kart” and indoor trampoline.  

Till next time!

Colmar Tropicale: Medieval French Village in Malaysia

Colmar Tropicale is a highland resort inspired by the 16th century village in Alsace region of France, famously known as one of the fairy-tale villages in Europe. Located 2,700-feet (more than 800-meters) above sea level in Berjaya Hills in Pahang, Colmar Tropicale is undoubtedly one of the popular attractions to visit in Malaysia.

Entry Fee: RM15 (USD4)

Adjacent to the entrance of Colmar Tropicale is the Le Chateau (Spa and Organic Wellness) which is also inspired by a castle in Alsace. The beautifully crafted fountain with cranes (behind us!) is an official gift from Alsace, France.

A medieval French village in the middle of a Malaysian rainforest, the entrance to Colmar Tropicale features a castle’s wooden drawbridge which leads you through an intricate cuckoo clock tower which was inspired by France’s Riquewihr Tower into massive cobblestone courtyard.

No need to fly far for an European backdrop

On the way to find Rapunzel!

Surrounded by the greens

Views are always better from the top

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to explore the Japanese Village and Adventure Park…So, till next time!

Getting There

Colmar Tropicale is just a 45-minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur city centre. Alternatively, if you have no intention to drive or hire a private car/taxi, Berjaya Group provides daily shuttle bus services that run daily from Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur to Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills at the scheduled timing. A return trip with entrance fee will cost RM60 (USD15).

Transit: What to do on a long layover in KLIA2

My recent trip to China had led me to the longest layover I had ever been so far. As it was a very last minute decision (less than 1-month) and tight budget (as usual), I chose to save SGD180 over a 9-hours of transit in Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2.

KLIA2 is the new budget airline terminal replacing the former LCCT. It started operation in 2014 so everything is still quite new. KLIA2 is only about 2-kilometers away from the main airport where there are more shops and entertainment over there.

I didn’t have much expectation for KLIA2 because of my impression of the former LCCT. However, I was awed upon arriving at the airport at 9a.m, the beginning of my 9-hours transit.

I had stupidly entered the gantry and straight into KLIA2 transit area. If I had known I couldn’t go out, I would have walked to KLIA and explore first.  

crowded public resting place

I headed up to second level hoping to find a more private place to settle down. That’s when I saw a logo which caught my attention.

I knew there are a few of pay-in lounges and hotels around but Airasia Red Lounge is not one of those mentioned in the website. Out of curiosity, I went in with the hope that I can get a couple of free hours usage since I’m flying with them.    

Though it’s not free for me (only free for Business Class), but the price is reasonably attractive. For MYR79 (USD18), you can use the place for as long as you want, unlimited wi-fi (airport wi-fi only for 3-hours), free flow food and drinks, recharge station, computer station and shower facilities with towel provided. As there are only a few people, it was so much quieter than outside. This is totally worth it! 

Other pay-in lounges with almost the same service.

  • Plaza Premium Lounge: MYR168 for 5-hours
  • Sama-Sama Express Lounge: MYR108 for 3-hours

Apart from just chilling at the lounges, there are other things you can do in the transit area!


The slogan of Gateway@KLIA2 says it all: “The shopping mall with airport”. There are plenty of duty-free branded products for you to choose from. You can simply kill time by window shopping or buying what you need for the next leg of the journey. 


There are a huge foodcourt at Level 2, a couple of fastfood outlets and cafes. There’s no way you can go hungry in KLIA2. 


for sports junkie

I spent about 2.5-hours here watching movies

for the children

Hop on to an outlet

The newly opened Mitsui Outlet Park (MOP) houses over 120 outlet stores offering well-known local and international brands at attractive discounted price everyday. MOP provides a check-in service, free luggage storage and naturally, a tourist privilege pass. There are also flight information displays, so there’s no excuse to miss your flight.

A free shuttle bus runs in a loop around KLIA, klia2 and MOP at 20-minutes intervals. The bus ride is only 10-minutes from KLIA2!

Transit Tour

A transit tour is only recommended if you have a layover of more than 6-hours. But of course, you are required to check with the airline if you need a transit visa in order to pass through the Immigration upon exit and re-entry again. For those interested, you can visit Kuala Lumpur Transit Tour for more information.