Spending 24-hours in Hat Yai, Thailand

After travelling for almost 24-hours from Johor Bahru, I have finally reached Hat Yai, the closest city in Thailand from Malaysia’s border 🤗

Train hotel inside train station

I checked into Hat Yai Youth Hostel which is about 20-minutes of walking from train station and 5-minutes from Lee Garden Plaza. 

Owner of the hostel

Boss of the owner 🐱

Wisdom words from the late King 🤴🏽

How many of these people can you recognized??

187baht (USD5) per night for 6-beds dorm

Lee Garden Plaza is the centre of Hatyai surrounded by shopping centers and restaurants. As Hat Yai is a highly popular city among the Malaysians and Singaporeans, most of the locals are able to speak Mandarin and Hokkien instead of English. 

First cooked meal: 50baht (USD1.50)

SIM Card: 599baht (USD17)

Next morning, i woke up looking forward to what surprises this under-rated city can offer me! 

Vegetarian noodle: 50baht (USD1.50)

Over the breakfast, I chatted with a songthaew driver and showed him a list of places I wanted to visit. I bargained from 1500baht (USD45) to 800baht (USD23) for a day of his service. I’m happy with the deal considering that I’ve chartered the whole car by myself 😇

Wat Hai Yai Nai

Measuring 35-meters long, 15-meters tall and 10-meters wide, Phra Phuttha Hattha Mongkhon is the third largest reclining Buddha in the world. This open-air temple is free of charge!

epic failure picture taken by the driver…🙄

selfie is still a better choice

another failed picture….where’s my pretty roof top?? 😑


Municipal Park

Located 6-kilometers outside of central Hat Yai is a park that covered from hills to a lake. In the park there is White Jade Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy), Laughing Buddha and a standing Golden Buddha. Newly addition of cable car brings you to Kor Hong Mountain where the four-faced Brahma Shrine is located. The park admission is FREE!

Guan Yin with Jade Girl and Golden Boy

Kwan Kung, God of Business

Grand entrance to Laughing Buddha

Wishing bells

Laughing Buddha

Standing at 20-meters, Phra Buddha Mongkol Maharaj was built to mark King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 72nd birthday

200baht for one-way ride

As I did not want to spend anymore money on transportation, the driver was kind enough to send me to see the Four-Faced Brahma Shrine on the opposite mountain. 

Didn’t want to take cable car but still must take a selfie

Erawan: Three-headed Elephant

So many miniature elephants

View of Hat Yai City

Samila Beach

About 30-kilometers away from Hat Yai lies the neighboring city of Songkhla. Famously known as “the great city on two seas” this city is surrounded by beaches such as Samila and Son Awn. 

Road block…but would he really stop suspicious car?? 🤔

This probably the only beach in Thailand not populated among foreigners 😉

Am I the only human here?? 👻

Such an empty beach!!

The most iconic statue: The Golden Mermaid

On the far end of the beach, you can see this Great Serpent “Nag”. Locals believe that he sprays divine water to make people feel happy and purified their minds.

Tang Kuan Hill

About less than 5-minutes from Samila Beach, Tang Kuan Hill is not only a place for 360-degree breathtaking views of Songkhla City but also housed the sacred pagoda Dvaravati Chedi built to contains the Lord Buddha’s relics.

Admission is free but you have to pay 30baht if you choose to take a 3-minutes, 170-meters inclined-lift ride up

Lift operator 😴😴😴

The Lighthouse

Phra Chedi Luang

Love locks 💝

Accidentally came across this house which used to belong to King Rama V

By the time I reached back Hat Yai, I have 3-hours to get prepared and catch the evening train heading to BANGKOK! 

Hat Yai to BKK: 755Baht (USD22)

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