Hong Kong Disneyland: 8 Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

One of my travel bucket lists is to visit all 6 Disneyland around the World!

Hong Kong Disneyland is by far the second Disneyland I had visited, after Disneyland Paris in 2015. It may not be the biggest Disneyland but there is still Mickey and Mini, princesses, and lots of magic! In my honest opinion, this park is vastly underrated. Nonetheless, this park still houses unique rides and experiences that any Disney fans (and non-Disney fans) would enjoy!

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#1 Mystic Manor

Mystic Point is the latest addition and is exclusive to only Hong Kong Disneyland. It is a unique dark ride that takes visitors on a journey through a Victorian-era manor filled with magical artifacts. I had the same overwhelming magical feeling like I had with Ratatouille in Disneyland Paris. This is the one ride you should never miss no matter how long the queue is! Unlike traditional haunted mansions, Mystic Manor tells a captivating story without any ghostly or scary elements. It’s just….plain mystical. 

#2 Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars

Grizzly Gulch takes inspiration of the Old American Wild West mining town forgotten amidst the mountains and woods. Riders get to experience exciting special effects, including geysers, explosions, and the occasional encounter with the legendary Big Grizzly himself. The unique backward-facing seating arrangement equips the carts with an extra element of surprise and anticipation.

#3 It’s A Small World

The happiest cruise that ever sailed is located in Fantasyland! It’s a small world is a classic and beloved attraction found in various Disney parks around the world. The delightful 10-minutes ride displays unique architectural styles, traditional clothing, and cultural symbols. From Europe to Asia, Africa to the America, the scenes are adorned with intricate details, highlighting the beauty and diversity of the world’s cultures, emphasizing the message of unity and understanding.

#4 Mickey’s PhilharMagic

Mickey’s PhilharMagic is a captivating 4D musical show, taking guests on a musical adventure through some of Disney’s most beloved animated films. This 10-minutes symphony orchestra are combined with an array of sensory effects, including scents, wind, and water sprays, enhancing the immersion and making the experience truly multi-dimensional.

#5 RC Racer

The “RC Racer” in Toy Story Land is known for its quick-paced, intense experience and is particularly popular among thrill-seekers. The ride reaches impressive heights as it propels guests up one side of the track, providing a thrilling moment of weightlessness, before swiftly descending back down to the other side. The back-and-forth motion creates a sense of anticipation and excitement, giving riders a taste of the exhilaration of high-speed racing.

#6 Hyperspace Mountain

Tomorrowland refers to the future and rise of superheroes. Based on the two most loved superhero movies, Tomorrowland features Star Wars and Iron Man experiences. Hyperspace Mountain takes place in a futuristic space setting, where guests board a sleek, rocket-like vehicle designed to resemble a starfighter. The high-speed coaster elements, combined with the immersive theming, bring the Star Wars universe to life. As this is one of the most popular ride, get your fastpass from the machine and come back at allocated time slot for minimal waiting time.

 #7 Iron Man Experience

Fun Fact: Iron Man Experience is the first Disney attraction based on Marvel.

The Iron Man Experience showcases cutting-edge technology, including stunning visual enhancements combine with high-definition 3D visuals and dynamic motion simulator ride. Throughout the adventure, guests get transported through the streets and skies of Hong Kong, allowing them to join in a heart-pounding epic battle with Iron Man.

#8 “Disney Paint The Night” Parade

Due to the upgrading works of Sleeping Beauty Castle, there is no fireworks when I visited. Nevertheless, “Disney Paint the Night” is a spectacular parade that brings beloved Disney characters and stories to life through a mesmerizing display of lights, music, and vibrant floats. The floats and performers exude a sense of joy and celebration, creating an atmosphere of wonder and delight. The night parade offers a captivating experience that captures the essence of Disney magic and brings beloved stories to life in a truly magical way to end the day.

Of course, don’t overlook all the other rides and Disney characters you can meet at various locations around the park!

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