Johor Bahru: A Day In Austin Heights Adventure & Water Park

Opened on December 2015, Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park is one of the newest theme parks in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Featuring a water park, adventure park and sports & leisure park, it is a perfect for family holidays and friends gatherings where you can spend quality bonding time.

Getting There

By car – A 25-minutes drive from City Square Mall. You can find directions from here

By taxi – Not sure about the regular taxi, but Grab taxi cost about RM 15 (US$3.50) from City Square Mall.

By bus – There is public bus (Bus BET6/ BeXTRA6) from JB Sentral Bus Terminal. The chart on bus terminal stated that the bus interval is every 30-minutes and the journey will take about 1-hour.

Basic Information

Opening Hours:

Water Park: Daily, 10am – 7pm | Adventure Park: Daily, 10am – 6pmSports & Leisure Park: Daily, 10am – 10pm

Entrance Fee:

Water Park: Above 120cm – RM 80; Below 120cm – RM 70 | Adventure Park: RM 80 | Sports & Leisure Park: Jump Street – RM 25/hour; Skating Rink – RM 25/entry; Drift – RM 25/10-mins

We were very lucky to find out the online promotion the night before visiting the park: RM 90 (US$21) combo tickets for adventure and water park! So, do check their website for latest promotion before visiting.

Adventure Park

The Adventure Rope Course has an age requirement of 12-years old so it’s not for super younger kiddos. This high-ropes course has 7 routes with 51 different obstacles. There are two areas where the adventure rope course lies: one outside the entrance of the park (sheltered) and the other facing the water park (outdoor). You will begin with a crash course being taught how to use the equipment (Karabina & Safe Roller) and maneuver along the safety lines. They even had a mini zip line where we were taught to zip down safely.

Sheltered: The first 2 loops started off with the lower levels at about 5-metres high, above the park’s drift-kart track.

Sheltered: The 3rd and 4th loops consists of more challenging obstacles at a higher tier.

Outdoor: Hop on to Tarzan Swinger at Loop 5 & 6. Do a Big Zipper at Loop 7 to complete your course!

Though there were only 2 of us monkeying around, but it still took us a good 2.5-hours to complete all 7 courses. So, expect to have longer waiting time during weekends and holiday seasons.

Water Park

At one glance, the water park isn’t as huge as most slides are concentrated on two main towers of different levels. These slides will end at the splash pool leading to lazy river, thus the floats used for slides can also be used in lazy river. There is a wave pool, but the “waves” only activated once every hour. Overall, it’s still a fun park to spend soak up your day, especially after the adventure park!

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