Who is Wanderrsaurus?

“Travel is never a matter of money, but of courage….”

I’m Bunzy, a day-dreamer from Malaysia currently based in Singapore. I have a strong passion in roaming around the world getting lost, meeting new people and learn more on living in different cultures. I love to stay with a local’s home (i.e couchsurfing) and work with/for them (i.e workaway), or sometimes i may even be teaching English in local village school or doing summer camps.

Planning for next destinations, booking of flights, looking for hosts to stay or work with has been my life for a long long time, and I would never want this wanderlust life of mine to end. Trust me, I can never understand how people can save so much, travel for a year or two, and then…..back to square one? ? Trust me again, it’s been a long long time since my bank account has $1,000 in it and I’ll die of boredom if I’m back to a normal work routine. 

So here comes the magic question: How do I afford to travel constantly? 

Truth is, travel does cost money. So, without savings and without a full time job, how can I still able to travel most of the time? ?

Having jobs that you love

NOOOOOOO, I am not completely jobless nor some Asian Rich Girl! I work really, really hard. I work almost 7-days a week, about 7-12 hours per day. The current jobs I’m holding right now: lifeguard, camp facilitator, high ropes instructor, kayaking assistant, events helper, etc. These outdoor jobs motivate me to work longer hours because I don’t feel stuck in one place and they paid quite well. In this way, I can happily work for full 2-3 months and travel for a month or more. Moreover, these skill-based jobs allow you to work overseas as well!

Life Motto: Work hard, travel harder

Booking of  flights

Nowadays there are so many budget airlines from Singapore flying to faraway places for less than $500! (Do you know that Airasia is flying to Hawaii?!) Check out Scoot promotion day on Tuesdays, and every Fridays is Jetstar and Airasia promotion day, etc. I do sign up for airlines newsletter to keep myself updated on all the promotions. And my favorite app, Skyscanner, allows me to randomly choose my destinations based on cheap flights.

Be hardworking and keep track of your flight prices at least 3-months in advance. Wake up at random timing to check on last minute deals (only if you are flexible to fly at short notice)! 

Choosing Accommodations

Hostelworld: My favourite app to book hostels/guesthouses from all over the world. Hostel per night not more than $15, accessible location (means I can walk or take public transport to get there) and reasonably good reviews are good enough for me.

Couchsurfing: Not only you get free accommodation, you get to meet new friends too! Doing Couchsurfing also means that you get insider tips on where to shop cheap and eat at authentic places, and pay local entrance fees if you get lucky!

Workaway: I choose this if I am going to stay at one place throughout my whole trip. Workaway allows you to “earn” your accommodation (and most of the time your meals) in exchange for working for your host a couple of hours day. Some of the workaway I did was teaching English in Asia, hosteling in Egypt and farming in Australia and New Zealand.

Ultimate accommodation saving: Take overnight train/bus when travelling intercity or crossing overland borders. Sleep at airport or train station if you have a super early flight or train to catch, or arrive in the middle of the night.

Travel slow

A country can be so big you can’t possibly explore every place in one trip! I like the idea of going back to the same country exploring new hidden gems. Being able to stay with the locals, to experience their culture, to live like them are the best experiences. I don’t understand the concept of been the fastest or youngest to travel around the world.

By spending a quality amount of time in a place, I believe it actually help by spending less on unnecessary mainstream stuff like what a tourist would do or buy. Plus, I will have more time to find free things to do! Most of the time I stay as long as my visa expires or my budget used up, whichever that comes first.

Spend like a local

As a tourist, you tend to spend generously because you have the mentality of: “everything is so cheap here, so just get it!”, or “I won’t be coming back again, so just spend the money and do it.”

As a backpacker, I set my budget based on the local’s living of standard. I choose places to dine where it’s full of locals instead of foreigners. Take public transport because I know 1 trip of cab fare can allow me to take 10 times of bus trips (even if it’s just $1). I buy things from vendor who can’t speak English well rather than bargain with English-speaking vendor. This all goes back to slow travelling. 

Go against the norm

Avoid popular destinations for Summer, avoid the capitals and big cities Avoid tourist traps. Wherever the norm go, I head the opposite. No doubt flights are cheaper flying into the capitals or big cities, but that doesn’t means you need to just stay there! Wherever is easily accessible by tourists, it’s expensive to eat, sleep and play. 

When I touch down at the big cities, I find a bus/train and continue travel to the furthest town/city I planned to start with. I like to wander around the small towns and villages in my own slow pace. By then, I would have collected enough information from locals whom I met along the way on where to find local areas in a touristy city.

Golden Rule

Last but not least, I have a golden rule for all my trips: daily budget keep at $50. This budget is enough to include accommodation, 3 meals, transport, and activities, no matter in which part of the world!

$50 is actually a lot of money in most countries! Even when I’m travelling with my partner, we are still keeping it at $50 for 2 of us. Sometimes, travelling in pairs is cheaper than being solo. Yes, there are times you’re going to spend more to pay for attractions or activities, but there are many other days you will be under-spending so that would balance out the budget.

There is nothing glamorous or secret tricks about my way of travelling! It is all about self-control on your earnings and how much you want to make it work. I believe in having a debt-free life by not owning credit cards. I choose travelling over “instant happiness” such as getting daily dose of Starbucks cuppa, or splurging on that $50 dress or indulging on expensive date nights.

Maybe you might think I am just lucky to live the life I want to have. But, trust me, that luck comes with a lot of heartbreaks, hard work and fears too…

Love life. Live the adventure. Stay curious

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