Bangkok: 5 Do-It-Yourself Day Trips Out of the City

Bangkok is one of the the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia with its chaotic streets and crazy nightlife. Having visited this bustling city several times with all the eat-and-shop-till-you-drop experiences, I’ve decided to explore a little out of the city this round.

In this post, I am going to share 5 day trips you can do from Bangkok without joining a tour!

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Erawan Museum (พิพิธภัณฑ์ช้างเอราวัณ)

Though located outside of city in Samut Prakan, Erawan Museum is easily accessible by taking BTS Skytrain from Bangkok city. It is not well known but it’s just as impressively stunning than any other main temples within the city. From a distance, you can easily spot Erawan Museum by its massive 44-meters tall three-headed copper elephant.

The museum has three storeys consist of the Underworld, Earth and Heaven.

Surrounding the museum is a lovely tropical garden including running stream and Thai sculptures.

Getting There: BTS Skytrain to Chang Erawan station and walk 10-minutes to Erawan Museum

Admission Fee: Foreigner price is 400 Baht (US$12). I used Klook apps which cost me SG$24 (US$17) for both Erawan Museum and Ancient City.

Trip Duration: 2-hours

The Ancient Siam (เมืองโบราณ)

Taking up 320 acres of land, roughly in the shape of Thailand, Ancient Siam is the largest open-air museum in the world. This huge park reproduces over 100 important monuments from around Thailand. Some of them are reconstructions of buildings that no longer exist whereas other are traditional architecture that were scheduled to be demolished and instead were purchased by the Ancient City. 

Despite being an interesting place to visit, not many people even heard of Ancient Siam.

Getting There: Get off at BTS Kheha station, you can either take a free shuttle bus (weekend only), walk for 45-minutes, or take a 10-minutes taxi ride

Admission Fee: Foreigner price is 400 Baht (US$12). I used Klook apps which cost me SG$24 (US$17) for both Erawan Museum and Ancient City. Bicycle rental is free!

Trip Duration: 3-hours

Kanchanaburi “Death Railway” (กาญจนบุรี)

One of the major projects during World War II was to construct a 415-kilometers railway from Ban Pong, Thailand to Thanbuyuzayat, Burma (Myanmar). Originally called the Thailand-Burma Railway, it earned the nickname “Death Railway” because over one hundred thousand laborers died during its 16 month construction between 1942 and 1943. Today, part of the railway is still in use daily for visitors to pay remembrance to the horrific history of the Death Railway.

*Take note of the train timetable if you planning to do a day-trip.

Getting There: Catch a 0745hrs train from Bangkok Thonburi station

Cost: Train ride to Kanchanaburi is 100 Baht (US$3) per way (3-hours one way)

Alternatively, try catching the Excursion Train on Weekends!

Trip Duration: 8-10 hours

Maeklong Railway Market (ตลาดร่มหุบ)

Apart from floating markets and night markets, Maeklong Railway market is one unique experience you should try when visiting Bangkok. One minute there is a bustling market under umbrellas with stalls scattered everywhere, the next minute a train passes right through with vendors pulling off their shop umbrellas and other belongings located close to the track. Everything happen in the blink of an eye!

A train trip from Bangkok to Maeklong Railway Market is not all that straightforward, plus you must make an early start. However, it’s totally doable.

I tried 2 different ways of getting there and going back:

Getting There: I took a mini-van from Southern Bus Terminal (or you can take from Mo Chit bus station) to Maeklong Market. It’s a 90-minutes journey, costing 70 Baht.

Plan your timing properly so you won’t miss the action or having too much time to spare.

Train arriving at Maeklong Station: 8.30 a.m., 11.10 a.m., 2.30 p.m. and 5.40 p.m.

Train departing from Maeklong Station: 6.20 a.m., 9.00 a.m., 11.30 a.m. and 3.30 p.m.

Going Back: Now that I watched the whole “show” at 11.10 a.m, I’m going to catch the 11.30 a.m train back to Bangkok. This route is more complicated and took me about 3-hours.

From Maeklong Station, the train will terminate at Ban Laem Station. Walk about 10-minutes along the street you will see ferry crossing pier. Take a 3 Baht ferry to cross the river to Mahachai Pier. Walk along the seafood market and you will see Maha Chai Train Station. From here, take the train to Wong Wian Yai Station (Bangkok).

Trip duration: 6-8 hours

Ayutthaya (อยุธยา)

Used to be second capital of the Siamese Kingdom, Ayutthaya was attacked and razed by the Burmese army in 1767 who burned the city to the ground and forced the inhabitants to abandon the city. Today, Ayutthaya is an archaeological ruin, characterized by the remains of tall prang (reliquary towers) and Buddhist monasteries of monumental proportions, which give an idea of the city’s past size and the splendor of its architecture. 

Getting There: Trains from Hua Lamphong leave every hour and takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes to arrive at Ayutthaya Railway Station. 

Cost: 45 Baht (3rd class seat)

Trip Duration: 1 full day, but I would recommend to spend 2-days so to fully admire its historical beauty

Where to stay in Bangkok

I personally love Bed Station Hostel and had stayed there a few times. The nearest Skytrain station is just 1-minute away. It has spacious lounge with beanbags to chill around, super clean bathrooms with shampoo and soap, and built-in dorm beds with curtains and personal light.

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