Bà Nà Hills: A Guide To Spend One Day In This French Playground

Located 25-kilometers Southwest of Da Nang at an altitude of 1,487-meters, Bà Nà Hills are considered as “One temperate place in the tropical forest”. The climate is cool all the year round and you can enjoy four seasons within a single day: Spring in the morning, Summer by noon, Autumn by the evening and Winter at night! With refreshingly cool weather and gorgeous countryside views, Bà Nà Hills is a real treasure of Da Nang.

Getting to Bà Nà Hills

Unfortunately for those on budget, there is no public buses to Ba Na Hills.

By taxi: from 600 000 VND (US$26) round trip

Bus tour: A popular choice to visit Bà Nà Hills is joining a tour arranged by your hostel or hotel, but it will be a rushy day-trip.

By motorbike: This is the cheapest option for transport to/from Bà Nà Hills. We rented a bike from our hostel for 130,000 VND (US$5.50). The drive will take around 45-minutes, and the terrain changes from an urban landscape to rolling hills.

How much is the ticket?

The price to enter Bà Nà Hills includes the ticket for all cable cars and theme park entrance ticket. We were there before Golden Bridge was built, so this was the price we paid in 2017:

  • Adult: 650,000 VND (US$27.50)
  • Children (1 – 1.3 meters): 550,000 VND (US$23.50)

As of 2019, this is the revised ticket prices inclusive of viewing the Golden Bridge:

  • Adult: 750,000 VND (US$32)
  • Child (1 – 1.3 meters): 600,000 VND (US$25.50)

The ticket price does not include entering the Wax Museum (100,000 VND/ adult, and free for kids), food and beverage, and some carnival games in Fantasy Park.

Best time to visit Bà Nà Hills

February to May are the best months to visit when the rainfall level is not very high, making it comfortable for the visitors to enjoy their vacation. We were there in December; it was cold and misty the day we visited.

The best time to visit Bà Nà Hills is from 9 am to 5 pm because most activities open at that time. However, we suggest getting there about 8:30 a.m before the tour groups start pouring in.

Bà Nà Cable Car

Bà Nà cable cars hold two Guinness World Records: the world’s longest single cable car system (5,042.62-meters long) and the world’s highest gap between its departure and arrival station (1,291.81-meters)! It was an amazing feeling on a cable car cabin floating over an ancient rainforest, hovering over boulders and waterfalls. 

What to see in Bà Nà Hills

Le Jardin D’Amour Garden

This area consists of 9 gardens: Love Garden, Mystery Garden, Couple Garden, Memory Garden, Mystical Garden, Eden Garden, Memory Garden, Suoi Mo Garden and Sacred Garden. It was very foggy once we were up there, and it started to drizzle. It was unfortunate for us not being able to take many nice pictures. 

Derby Wine Cellar

The wine cave was built by the French in 1923 as an ideal place to store wine. Today, visitors can walk through the wine cellar tunnel with a constant temperature of 16 to 20 degrees Celsius. You can enjoy some vintage wine from Australia and Italy (not France or Vietnam) which priced around 75,000 VND (US$3) for a small glass.


A funicular is an old school mini train used to travel between the mid-mountain cable car stations and sights. 

French Village

Described as miniature “France” in the heart of Vietnam, Bà Nà Hills was originally built by French colonists in 1919 as a leisure destination for French tourists. Today it has visitors from all around the globe. The magical French-themed Village features a replica of St. Denis Church, a Moulin Rouge windmill and numerous picturesque squares and alleys, which are thoughtfully designed with a French flair.

Fantasy Park

Featuring three stories of arcade games and rides, most entertainment such as rock climbing, arcade machine games,rides and movies are inclusive in the entrance ticket. Wax museum and carnival games are additional charges.

Some fun facts about Bà Nà Hills Fantasy Park:

  • The first dinosaur park in Vietnam which houses life-sized animated dinosaurs
  • The biggest indoor bumping car floor in Vietnam (600-meters square)
  • The highest indoor “Drop & Twist” Tower in Vietnam (29-meters)
  • The highest indoor artificial climbing wall in Vietnam (21-meters)
  • The first amusement park in Vietnam with 3 high-tech movie theaters: 3D Mega 360, 4D and 5D

We glad that we chose to bike up ourselves instead of joining the tour because there’s no way you can explore everything within the limited time frame. This place is definitely worth a day to spend time at!

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